Global Citizenry 101

Educate yourself!

The most vital information we feel all global citizens should be aware of, today, is found in the short videos, books and documentaries found below. Only our highest (4 Star) Required Watching or Reading ratings from us make the cut for our curriculum list. In addition, though we welcome them, spiritually-focused selections must be either non-religious, or else respectful of all moderate religious beliefs.

Initial Suggested Curriculum [V 0.1]
(partial list. Still looking for the latest and most impactful material focused on the climate crisis, terrorism, the millennium development goals and what is next beyond them, the impact of inequality in the world, etc.)

DONATE here for us to set up a global library of these books and DVDs, so that even those who cannot afford to purchase books or DVDs can educate themselves.

IF you would like to see this library, and are ready to make a donation to the project, please Contact Us. We are preparing to apply for a fiscal sponsorship of The Future of Earth Project, and this is one of the first projects we want to fund.