The Importance of Registering As A Citizen

The world needs our help. It needs all of our help.

At this very moment, it most of all needs your help.

The help it needs most is collective: our collective will, the Will of We The People coming together. This collective will only emerge through your personal commitment, along with the personal commitments of millions, and eventually even billions of other committed global citizens.

global-citizensBut here, right now, it all gets down to you.

Will you choose to be a part of history, now?

Registration as a Founding Citizen of The Country of Earth is one of the most vital ways you can declare your commitment to this effort. By registering, you are declaring with your actions that you are a part of this movement to change the world. It is the most important step you can take right now, politically, toward the creation and eventual global political recognition of The Country of Earth.

Each person who registers as a Founding Citizen of The Country of Earth brings us one step closer to a world where the people’s voice matters, and where we can then bring about the changes that our world so needs.

The Country of Earth:
Claim your citizenship, change our world
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