Strategic Objectives

  • Enrolling a minimum of 1.5 billion people as declared citizens of The Country of Earth, thus fully justifying its political right to exist by being the largest political entity on the planet in terms of declared population.

    • A mid-level goal of 350 million is set, so that we can declare ourselves the third largest political entity, after China and India.
    • And, an initial goal of 5 million declared citizens is set as an initial goal, for that will put us at a declared population greater than half the countries on the planet.

  • Establishing and a citizen-based website built for the fully enfranchised direct democracy of, by and for the People of Earth.

    • An initial goal is to create a “Countable.Us”-like website and smartphone app, for the People of Earth.

  • Partnering with all significant organizations committed to similar goals, to create a network and a common voter database, enabling our different efforts to come together in one place so that the collective voice of the People of Earth can be heard.

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