LEAP: The Case for The Country of Earth

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Our global civilization has come to the point where we must choose to leap forward in order to thrive. But how? How do we address the growing global threats of climate change, terrorism, and inequality that affect all of us? How do we end global poverty and hunger, and ensure everyone has access to the education, health care, and clean water they need? How do we come together to solve these problems?

LEAP: The Case for The Country of Earth represents a comprehensive answer to these issues, by asking us as a species to join together and forge a new country: The Country of Earth, a nation in which each and every one of us is already a dual citizen. It is time for the world to recognize that global citizenship is not meant to simply be some new age philosophy, but instead must now become a political reality and a force for positive change.

In LEAP, author Markus Thorndike shows us that it is not only entirely possible, but why it is absolutely necessary for us to create The Country of Earth together. LEAP describes how We, the People of Earth, can begin to act today to bring about this gentle revolution of our global political and economic systems, and together remake our faltering global civilization into a thriving world of sustainability, equality, and peace for all.

We can. We must. And together, we will. Join the movement. Declare your citizenship in The Country of Earth today!

Available for pre-sale on Amazon beginning late January 2017, formal sales begin on Earth Day.