Donate: Why Invest?

We use the word invest instead of donate, because it is absolutely true in contributing money toward The Country of Earth Project, you are investing in the future of your world.

We are in pre-campaign mode, a “soft launch” phase where connections are made mostly one-on-one and in person. The active campaign begins in Spring 2016.

That said, donors giving today are giving some of the most critical contributions of all: those to get us started, here at the very beginning of the project.

Your investment made today will fund:

  • the initial programming and web teams needed to fashion a website worthy of all citizen of Earth, where we can actually vote and express ourselves seamlessly between The Country of Earth and our favorite social media services such as Facebook and Twitter, and have our votes (when we so desire) reach the politicians of our local governments.
  • To fund projects designed to catalyze large numbers of citizens to join our movement
  • To prepare us for a globally focused campaign to enroll the entire world, in coming together for sustainability, equality and peace for all.

Founding citizens investing $30 or more now will receive a Founding Citizen Special Edition copy of the completed LEAP manuscript in April, a full month before kickstarter participants receive their books. This will be followed by an eBook or author signed hardcover or softcover copy (your choice) when the book is published. Additional copies available for every additional $15 donation ($45 for 2, $60 for 3, $120 for 6; if you do not wish additional copies, they will be made available for donation to others who cannot afford the book price).

Make A Donation Today!

Thank you.