The Country of Earth Campaign

[November 2015]
The campaign has not officially begun (see the Campaign Rollout plan), but I can’t help myself. I feel called to invite people to join with me and participate. At first, this will be done one-on-one.

The Country of Earth Campaign is first and foremost an enrollment campaign: enrolling people as declared, Founding Citizens of The Country of Earth. Right now, the most important action you can take right now as a Citizen of Earth is to declare your citizenship, and show your political support for your planet.

In the months ahead, especially once the enrollment campaign has formally launched, additional projects will be established to consider the steps to take beyond this. These steps will most especially include incubating different direct democratic methods for how we might discuss, debate and vote on the issues before us as a people, and what methods we can use now to mobilize the People of Earth to have their voices ben heard regarding the most important issues that are affecting all Citizens of Earth, today.

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