The Country Of Earth

There is a country on this planet that is as real as any other.

Yet its citizens have no vote on the issues that affect their country as a whole. They have no common currency. No ambassadors or other officials to work with the leaders of other nations.

At this time, this country’s citizens are un-enfranchised. They have no vote, no real political power, no real say in the future direction of their country, which is the future direction of our world. This lack of collective political power lies at the very heart of why the other nations of the world have failed to solve the global crises of our time.

global-citizensYou are a citizen of this country.

So is everyone else on the planet.

It is the Will of the People that have always changed things, in history. Leaders may have led, but it was the people’s will that made the difference. Recent movements have seen our collective power for change only grow. These include:

  • the American and French Revolutions, opening the world to modern-day representative democracy
  • the abolition of slavery
  • universal suffrage (the right to vote) for all
  • the Indian Independence and the example of Mahatma Gandhi
  • the cultural revolution in China
  • the civil rights movement and the example of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • the Arab Spring
  • today’s movement for full gender equality

Nearly every right even some of us enjoy today exists because people said it should: the 40-hour work week, no child labor, the minimum wage (these rights do not exist in most countries, of course, or are not enforced).

It is the people’s will that moves the world forward. It is what always has.

Today our world has a raft of global crises, from climate change to terrorism, deepening income inequality worldwide, two-thirds of a billion people lack access to clean water (2.4 billion without access to a toilet), and millions now displaced from their homelands. This is just a small fraction of our global problems, today. Climate change threatens us even more in the years ahead, unless something can be done to stop and reverse the ominous trends brought upon by a twentieth century consumptive economy, where profit is the driving factor over all other considerations, including the well being of the planet. Meanwhile, politicians worldwide listen to the leaders of our mega-corporations to help determine what is best, all while the problems of our corporate-driven economy continue to worsen. Many of these problems have reached crisis levels for our global civilization.

It is clear that these global crises cannot be solved on the national level. Our individual, local nations, no matter how well meaning some of them may be, are still too selfishly focused on the needs of their own peoples to address all of these global problems in a comprehensive way. But the problems we have cannot be solved with the level of thinking at which we have created them. We created them separately. We cannot solve them that way.

Indeed, these problems cannot be solved by the existing global political and economic structures of our world, now, or by doing more of the same.

The planet needs us.

It needs you.

It needs us to come together. Because only together can we truly act to solve these problems.

What will happen when we stand together not just as individuals, or residents of disparate, separated countries, but together as citizens of our common planet… and have that reality recognized, everywhere, politically?

We can and will create a new world together, a world of sustainability, equality and peace, a world where everyone has the opportunity to live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. We can do it.

We will do it, together.

The place to begin… is here.

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