The Great Metacrisis


We feel it in the water. We feel it in the earth. We smell it in the air.

The world is changed.

But it is not some dark and evil Lord of the Rings causing it.

It’s us.

The pages in this section each address at least one, and often more than one, of the global crises of our time. They are recommended information for anyone seeking to take greater responsibility for the problems of our day, and what we might be able to do about them, together. This is the task we all must now undertake. It is our destiny to confront this Great Metacrisis, together.

What is a Metacrisis?

A metacrisis is not one global crisis, but many, happening all at once. It is a series of global crises that, together, impact a myriad of aspects of both our global natural environment as well as, specifically, both the near and long-term future of our global civilization. The crises feed on one another, in a vicious cycle driven by the global economy’s untempered drive for profit, coupled with a dearth of political responsibility on the global scale. For which I do not blame the politicians, much more than I must blame myself, or you might blame yourself. Or anyone else in the world might blame themselves. For, in the end the political responsibility lies with us. All of us: by which I also might call us, instead, “We The People of Earth.” If the overall course of the metacrisis is to be altered, it will be us, We The People of Earth, who will do it. Together, or not at all.

I use the word “environmental” to describe it because the environmental nature of our metacrisis is by far the most pressing issue. It is also the issue that connects all the other crises to each other. Taken by itself, the environmental crisis, alone, is now beginning to narrow — and darken — the future possibilities of what we can create together as a world. Through this one issue, you can see the connections to all the other crises of our time.