LEAP Introduction Only Edition 0.8

LEAP: The Case for The Country of Earth
Introduction Only Review Copy Edition 0.8

[May 2018] These files are available for free, to give supporters of LEAP and The Country of Earth Project a taste of LEAP: The Case for The Country of Earth.

At this time, please do not share this webpage or these files with others. That restriction will change fairly soon, in the next couple of months.

We are preparing a roll-out of LEAP to the public. We have plans to make a video of this material, and intend to have that video be what we share first with the world.

Thank you. And–enjoy!



These files are for edition 0.8.

A review copy program for the complete copy of LEAP edition 0.9 will soon be available (May 2018). These review copies of LEAP will be distributed in July or August 2018.

LEAP’s First Edition (edition 1.0) will be publicly available for sale on Amazon in early Fall 2018.

To be notified when the review copy program becomes available, please email reviewcopy@RevolutionaryWisdom.Media. When you do, please specify if you would prefer to be notified by email, or by text or voice (in which case please provide your mobile number).