Key Definitions

adjectives: me-go-ic, me-go-istic; adverb: me-go-ic-ly

1. Megoism is the perspective, and selfish pursuit, of individual or group short-term wants at the expense of others or the environment, even at the expense of one’s own (or the group’s own) long-term happiness or satisfaction. It includes a willingness to exploit the love and care of others and collusion with or indirect support of the megoistic behavior of others to maintain or achieve greater comfort, physical safety, or human connection at any cost. Fundamentally: Me over we.
“He was behaving so megoically that he failed to notice or seem to care that his own child had been harmed by his actions.”
2. Megoism is a general form of insanity affecting our global culture, rooted in a fundamental error in understanding of what makes a human being truly happy and fulfilled. It proclaims, “If I focus on getting what I want (even if it means you do not get what you want), then I will be happy and satisfied and that is really all that matters.” This basic megoic perspective is faulty, as it is incapable of actually creating long-term personal happiness or satisfaction.
“The megoic quality of our global civilization today has many of us failing to see how our actions continue to increase the impact that climate change is already having on our world today nor accepting even conservative predictions regarding how it will affect us all in the decades to come.”
3. Megoism is a group consciousness rooted in selfishness that encourages the creation and promulgation of distinctions, judgements, rankings, opinions, and derogatory or hateful speech in regard to money, class, relationships, race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, familial status, disability status, veteran status, genetics, or other differences that exist between people (or between people and the rest of life). It uses the same to justify the benefiting of one such group over others, through the employment of institutional rules and laws, or through social conditioning.
“When religious extremists megoically believe that those who do not follow their beliefs should be put to death and are willing to do whatever it takes to impose their beliefs on others, then they must be opposed for the good of all humanity.”
4. Megoism tends to ignore, deny, or denigrate the values of wegoism and instead creates elaborate self-stories to justify its behavior: “Everyone else is doing it”; “I just really, really wanted to, even though I knew it was (going to cause harm to myself or others)”; “I just can’t control myself when (I want to have or do something, even if it is at the expense of self or others)”; “Even though they were standing still, they were threatening me from across the street; I was just defending my property (or person) when I shot them”; “I have a right to use my property however I want”; “If I have enough money, I should be able to do whatever I want;” “They just got in my way”; “I was just looking out for myself”; “No one else is looking, so I can get away with it”; and perhaps the worst culprits in our world today: “I was just doing my job” and “It’s just good business (or good politics).”
“The oil company executives did not realize how megoic they sounded when they issued their statement blasting the peaceful actions of the protesters.”
5. Megoism is the core problem at the root of the global crises of our world today: me NOT you, rather than me AND you.
Synonyms: Selfishness, self-centeredness
Antonym: Altruism
Related words: Compe-tition, domination, control, unequal, unsustainable; also: war, terror
adjective: we-go-ic, we-go-ist-ic; adverb: we-go-ic-ly

1. Wegoism is the perspective, and collective pursuit, of what is best for all concerned, inclusive of one’s own needs; it includes, respects, and encourages both individuality and togetherness, simultaneously. Fundamentally: You and me, coming together, where “you” both implies and includes the entire world, all of life, and the environment we share.
“Her work in the community was so wegoic that everyone felt the warmth, connection, and empowerment of her actions.”
2. Wegoism is a general form of love, focused primarily on the cultivation of love for the world as a whole, including all people and all life. “If I focus on what is best for all of us, I too will get what I need, as well as what I truly most want.” While wegoism does not always get an individual what they want in the short term, over the long term this perspective leads gradually to a growing sense of overall satisfaction and appreciation—a long-term happiness—as we experience the overall contribution of our lives to that of the whole and indeed to our own personal lives as well.
“We must apply wegoism in our personal and collective care for the Earth, so that she may continue to care for us.”
3. Wegoism is a cultivated group consciousness rooted in sustainability, equality, and peace for all; it also respects the differences and unique contributions we each are here to make in the world. It includes a full commitment to non-cooperation with dominating megoistic actions that threaten what is best for all.
“The protesters wegoically chanted ‘Water Is Life.’”

4. Wegoism is meant to contain megoism or, perhaps stated more accurately, to infuse it so that megoism ceases being megoism and becomes individuality. “Individuality” at the expense of others or the environment is not individuality, for it sacrifices the individuality of others and therefore is merely selfishness; it is my “individuality” over yours; it is megoism. But when we look at and choose to live in the world wegoically, this ”megoic” aspect of self transforms and becomes a healthy and natural part of who we are meant to be. This process begins when we choose to care for the world around us more completely. Wegoism is not really wegoism when it does not include our individuality; that is altruism, which is care for others even at the expense of personal needs. Instead, wegoism includes our own personal needs and purpose as individuals and encourages and fosters creativity and self-expression.

“The candidate spoke with such powerful wegoism that the crowd cheered, in a celebration of togetherness and patriotism.”
5. Wegoism is the path to correcting the errors caused by rampant megoism.
“Wegoism lies at the heart of the solution to all the global problems of our world today.”
Synonyms: Together-ness, cooperation, love, caring
Antonym: Sociopathology*
Related words: Sustain-ability, equality; also: peace, freedom
* The set of qualities related to antisocial personality disorder, or ASPD. One might think megoism is also an antonym, but it is not. Rather than opposing megoism, wegoism instead both transcends and includes it, transforming megoism into individuality.