LEAP: The Case for The Future of Earth

Our global civilization needs to take a huge leap forward, together, if we are to solve the great mega-crisis of our age and create a world of sustainability, equality and peace. Creating this world together IS possible, but it will not be easy.

Sample-Cover-v13-LEAP-Pre-KickstarterThe current global economic and political structures are simply inadequate to the task of solving our global problems in any meaningful way. The actors involved are all, understandably, overly focused on caring for their own citizens and/or their economic bottom line. More and more people are recognizing this. More and more of us are further seeing that what is needed is a way for us all — as global citizens — to come together.

But how?

The upcoming book LEAP: The Case for The Future of Earth (actual subtitle to be released later), to be published in Spring 2016, will offer an answer to this question. The heart of LEAP revolves around one very simple idea… one with potential global implications, one that offers new ways for each of us to contribute to the evolution of our civilization, and for each of us to truly stand together as global citizens. More on this will be shared in the coming months ahead.

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