Get Counted!


For global citizens, Countable.Us is a good place to start. It shows an example of how we can begin to participate more directly in the workings of our government.

The bad news about this app and website is it is focused on the issues of the citizens of the United States, only, and its results are sent only to US politicians.

But it is free to test drive by anyone… and using it can give you a glimpse of what we might do, and how we might participate together, as a world.

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Countable.Us enables its users to vote on any issue before the United States Congress. You can read the pros and cons of issues, hear from what other users of Countable.Us are saying about it, and then vote. Your vote is then sent to your Representative and two Senators. Imagine how powerful this might be, if all citizens of the United States participated in it?

“Countable is slick, easy to use and could definitely help inform your opinions.”
– The New York Times

“You don’t have to wait for your representatives to adopt anything. All you have to do is sign up and start sending your thoughts to Congress.”
– Wired

“Telling your senator how to vote is as easy as “liking” a Facebook picture.”
– Tech Crunch

“This New App Could Be Your Congressman’s Worst Nightmare.”
– The Blaze

Also featured on The Today Show and MSNBC’s The Cycle

From Countable.Us‘ About Us page:
We empower you (busy people) with the tools to keep tabs on your elected officials and directly influence policy. Government is in YOUR pocket, for a change!

Countable gives you:

Clear and succinct summaries of upcoming and active legislation.
An easy way to tell your lawmakers how to vote on those bills.
Tools to see how your elected officials voted, so you can hold them accountable.
Countable gives lawmakers:

A place to see trends from their constituents on upcoming policy.
Engagement from many constituents they may not otherwise hear from.

Countable is available for free online, on iOS, and on Android devices. How do you think we’re doing? Let us know!