Getting Ready to LEAP: Summer 2018

The manuscript for LEAP: The Case for The Country of Earth was completed in January 2018. Since then Markus has been working with an editor to prepare it for publication. This process is presently due to be completed in early Fall 2018.

LEAP will be published on Earth Day, April 22, 2019.

Review copies of LEAP will be available for anyone to review beginning in late Fall 2018. Details on this program will be announced in the coming months.

Lynne Twist: It’s About We

The experience of we, is also the experience of oneness. Our society, our culture is rooted in separation rather than oneness. And that is the heart of our environmental crisis, our inequality crisis, our injustice, our sense of violence. Collaboration is the source of prosperity, it’s the source of the future, it’s the source of everything we value. It’s the source of resolving every single issue on this planet.
Lynne Twist
Author of The Soul of Money and Co-Founder of The Pachamama Alliance