Getting Ready to LEAP

This is the launch of RevolutionaryWisdom.Media. Over the months ahead, this site will grow in content, in preparation for the release of Markus Thorndike’s upcoming book, “LEAP” in Spring 2018.

From our About Us page:

Revolutionary Wisdom Media is committed to inspiring, elevating, and calling forth the people of Earth to stand together, work together, love together, come together… as one people. Fundamentally, Revolutionary Wisdom Media produces media projects meant to catalyze a change in consciousness for the body of humanity, from what we choose to call our megocentrism (“selfishness”) toward greater wegocentrism (“togetherness”). Together, we can solve the global problems of our world and create a new future, one in which all humanity, and all life on this planet, will flourish within.

Your comments and feedback are vital. Please use the Contact Us page to reach us, or use any of the social media buttons you will find on every page.